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Anti-cancer new drug screening models

Anti-cancer new drug screening models of EnoGene


In vitro anti-cancer activity screening

  • EnoGene owns pure cell lines and characteristic cancer cell bank, such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, leukemia cell lines, etc. The reliable IC50 value of tested drugs is offered to the clients with in vitro screening experiments.
  • Cytotoxicity assays (e.g. MTT,CCK-8), Clonogenicity assays, Apoptosis, Cell cycle analysis, In vitro drug combination studies


In vivo human cancer nude mice xenograft models

  • Over 30 human tumor nude mice xenograft models, such as human liver cancer (HepG-2, Bel7402, QGY-7701, etc), human gastric cancer (MGC-803, SGC-7901, MKN-45, HGC-27, etc), human lung cancer (NCI-H460, A549), human colorectal cancer (Ls-174-T, HCT-116, CL187, SW116), human breast cancer (BCaP-37, MDA-MB-231, MX-1), human melanoma (A375, MV3, M14), human nasopharyngeal cancer (CNE-2Z), human cervical cancer (SiHa, Hela), human bladder cancer (EJ, T24), human renal cancer (Ketr-3), human prostate cancer (PC-3M), human tongue squamous cancer (Tca-8113), human leukemia (HL60), human ovarian cancer (A2780), human salivary adenoid cystic cancer (ACC-2), human pancreatic cancer (BxPC-3), human laryngeal cancer (HeP2), etc.


In vivo mice cancer models

  • Over 10 mice cancer models, such as mouse liver cancer (H22), mouse cervical cancer (U14), mouse lung cancer (Lewis), mouse melanoma (B16BL6, B16F10, B16F1), mouse breast cancer (4T1), mouse sarcoma (S180), mouse ehrlich ascites cancer (EAC), etc.
  • In vitro and in vivo anti-angiogenesis new drug screening models
  • New drug screening service by Luminex high-throughput protein quantitative analysis



  • We have over 250 pure (cancer or normal) and characteristic cancer cell lines.
  • The experienced technicians can complete the projects in the shortest time with our mature 17 human tumor nude mice xenograft models and 9 mice tumor models. Also we have the assay development capability.
  • Evaluate anti-cancer activity of the tested medicine systematically in vitro and in vivo
  • Provide the most reliable and comprehensive data timely during the experiments



  • EnoGene successfully completed a project of 60 anti-cancer compounds activity screening in vitro. Two drug candidates were confirmed with following human cancer nude mice xenograft models.